About us

WMC Norway


WMC Norway AS was established in 2012 and WMC Norwork is a part of WMC Norway AS. The company's main goal is to be an essential part of our customer's supply chain. This by providing qualified workers to work in industry and commerce industry.



Employers have their own back office where job seekers within are shown with CV and attachments. All job seekers are divided into correct categories according to the 20 different segments and around 200 different occupations provided. For instance will an engineering company search among engineers. All job seekers are quality assured through our system. There are no cost for employers to search among job seekers CV`s. If the employers decides to upgrade to see full information, there will be a small fee. When upgrading they can see full information for all job seekers within their segment for one month at a time.


Job seekers:

Job seekers have their own control panel where they build their application and uploads their attachements. They are able to switch on and off the view of application for the employers. They can see if their application is approved by admin and they can see graphically their grade of completement of application. There are absolutely no cost for job seekers.

Company information:


WMC Norway AS is certified as a staffing enterprise and are VAT registrated 999600476 MVA in Norway.


The company business adress is: WMC Norway AS, Storebø, 5392 Storebø, Norway.